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Chronic Diseases

February 5, 2007

The World Health Organization has released a new study on chronic diseases. I was surprised to learn that twice as many people die from chronic diseases as from all infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria), maternal and perinatal diseases and nutritional deficiencies combined. Wow! To follow the general news, you would think it’s just the opposite. Actually, I have a problem with throwing in the nutritional deficiencies, since I think most, if not all, chronic disease is the result of nutritional deficiencies, just a slower version. Why else do we see different ethnic groups, each emphasizing different types of food groups, having lower levels of certain types of chronic disease? We see lower incidence of heart disease among groups who include healthier fats, lower levels of cancer when there is a high level of fruits and vegetables, etc. Just because we don’t see full-blown Rickets in our country doesn’t mean we’re receiving optimal levels of Vitamin D — especially with the current fear of sunrays.

When I go to a regular grocery store, I find myself wanting to beg people not to buy, or eat, most of the food they put into their baskets. Things loaded with sugar, white flour, bad fats and preservatives. They are often overweight and show visible signs of undernourishment, as do their children. Their bodies are starved for real food full of real nutrients.

Several years ago we were on a trip to Hawaii with our nutrition company. One thing that struck us, since we’d been to relatively few company meetings, was the number of octogenarians in our group. These folks looked and felt young for their age. They had sharp minds, and a love of life. You could find them out at midnight enjoying an evening stroll with a sparkle still in their eyes. It was inspiring! Many of these individuals had been sick, some seriously so, for many years. But, after applying good eating habits, and good nutritional supplements, they had regained their health, and in fact were out-living most of their contemporaries — and enjoying it!

I believe we can avoid the chronic health problems by learning how to eat healthfully, including exercise in our daily routine, and taking nutritional supplements for optimum health!

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