Chocolate Joy

In exploring my new, expanded, super-duper-super-blog, I realized that my article on chocolate had been relegated to the recipe file. So, here it is, in all its deeply dark chocolatey-ness!

Let me take some time to introduce you to the delights of chocolate!

Native to South America, legend has it that Cortez was introduced to it during his explorations. In fact it was such a powerful elixer for stamina, that Cortez is said to have marched his troops for an entire day, without growing fatigued, on one cup of cocoa! And that drink did not contain any sugar, but probably had some corn meal added as a thickener. Reminds me of a Mole sauce!

In addition to stamina, chocolate is a powerful antioxidant. That is a nutrient that helps prevent, and/or repair oxidative damage. What is oxidative damage? That is what happens to a car when it is getting rusty, or when an apple is turning brown. It also happens every minute we breath, to all the cells in our bodies. Chocolate contains the antioxidant called catechins. These are also found in grapes, wine and tea. Catechins are powerful protectors of our cells.

Why do we get a cheerful lift from chocolate? Because, chocolate enhances mood and brain function. Women have known this for a long time. Now the scientific community is figuring it out!

Keep in mind that the darker the chocolate, the higher the benefits. Milk chocolate is a virtual loss in my book. I have also read that the lower the temperature the cocoa is processed at, the higher the retention of its antioxidant power. Since time is money, I would suspect the cheaper the chocolate, the fewer the health benefits. Your best bet is going to be organic, and more expensive. But, it is so worth it. Chocolate is not the only flavonoid containing food that we can enjoy and benefit from, just one very versatile and tasty one.

The highly requested Fudgey Brownie recipe can be found under the recipe file. I make these with Sucanat and whole wheat pastry flour, and I haven’t had a complaint yet!

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