Family Loss

In June we eperienced the sad event of Mark’s mother passing away. While she had lived a long life, having turned 80 in April, for almost 10 years prior to that, she had an increasingly hard time understanding the world around her. She suffered from Alzhiemer’s for longer than any of us know for sure. Donna Fisher was a woman who loved her family, and loved the Lord Jesus with all her being. Her warmth, creativity, and zest for life will always be wonderful examples for her family.

Because this illness is on the increase, I want to spend some time on occasion talking about what we can do to help protect our brains from Alzhiemer’s. More to come!

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Thank you, Terri. I will be anxiously waiting for any info you can give on this topic! It seems like lately my memory has been very sluggish and any thing I can do to help would be great. I do often wonder if it is diet, fatigue, brain overload going in so many directions or beginnings of the dreaded A word. Thank you for your future post.

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