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August 17, 2005

I know, I’ve been more than neglectful of my blogging life. Please forgive me. Considering that web logs originated in the late 1990s, and only rose to be commonplace in the last 5 years, I’m still not as far behind as I could be! But, I’m starting anew, and with fresh inspiration. Jeremy, my oldest son, has taken time from his busy schedule to aide his mothers’ plight with a beautiful new blog template. Keep watching! It’s coming soon!

Changes in the Air

August 15, 2005

The mechanics of our solar systm and universe have been researched and written about in ever expanding detail. All of it is fascinating, but does little to explain the anticipation I feel for the coming change in the weather and pattern of life. Just a week ago, I detected the first hint of coolness in an evening breeze. After living here in San Antonio for over 6 years now, it was a very welcome feeling!

That set off the usual longings for some favorite foods from the fall menu. Now, I know I’m being a bit premature, I just can’t help it! So, meatloaf (seasoned with fresh herbs from the herb garden) was the choice for the homecoming dinner for Graham and Joel, with large slices of deep chocolate Crazy Cake for dessert. Last night we inhaled the delicate, delicious fragrances of nutmeg and cinnamon as a fruit crisp bubbled away in the oven. Tonight, we’re having our first bowl of hot soup for the fall season. I know it is still over ninety degrees outside, and we are still in the month of August, but there are clouds in the sky and the air conditioner is on. We have the tools, in modern life, to overcome hinderances like the real temperature.

Recipes will follow soon.

Family Loss

August 15, 2005

In June we eperienced the sad event of Mark’s mother passing away. While she had lived a long life, having turned 80 in April, for almost 10 years prior to that, she had an increasingly hard time understanding the world around her. She suffered from Alzhiemer’s for longer than any of us know for sure. Donna Fisher was a woman who loved her family, and loved the Lord Jesus with all her being. Her warmth, creativity, and zest for life will always be wonderful examples for her family.

Because this illness is on the increase, I want to spend some time on occasion talking about what we can do to help protect our brains from Alzhiemer’s. More to come!

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