“Against my will, Papa! Against my will!” So cried the daughters of the Modern Major General, in the Pirates of Penzance. So, I feel I have come to the world of Blog; with much protest. Alas, my pragmatic side saw the use of such a great tool. Here was the means I had been seeking to share information on one of my favorite subjects — nutrition! A blog allows me to enter new articles, studies, recipes, pictures (of my 6 grandchildren), anything that I want really, without having to enlist the services of my dear, technically savvy, sons! This is a great advantage to them. Thank you Jeremy, for helping me get set up with my new blog!

I shall endeavor to post often to keep our knowledge of the fascinating subject of nutrition growing. With a library of over 50 books, and, a manual from my nutrition company that has impressed medical professionals with its depth and detail, I should have enough to post for about 10 years — at least!

There will be a place to write comments, and after they are reviewed, I will post answers to any questions, unless you request a personal reply. Please know that I will not entertain much controversy about nutrition on my blog. And, please be polite.

I am not vegetarian. Having lived in Mt. Shasta, California for several years, surrounded by professing vegetarians, I discovered that the only truly healthy looking ones were not vegetarian at all! Logically speaking, if certain nutrients are only found in animal products, then I think our Creator intended it that way. We have not managed to stave off madness from a B vitamin deficiency by saying we don’t need to eat animal products. As aptly pointed out in one of my nutrition books, there has never been a truly vegetarian culture known in the history of mankind. Every culture has eaten some form of animal product, be it; insect, fish, meat, dairy, or even blood in their diet.

Neither am I legalistic. You will not find magic formulas for health on my blog, which I believe are a form of legalism. I have seen people overcome desperate cases of serious illness (including cancer) without making radical alterations to their diets; other than simple, health-giving changes, and adding the best supplements available.

And, neither am I against: soy, dairy, beef, eggs, chicken, butter, or yummy desserts!

The main thing we need to accomplish is to take joy! Take joy in nourishing our family, and friends. Take joy in God’s created order. Take joy in the sunshine He gave us (yes, it too has a purpose.) Take joy in a good nights sleep. Take joy in the incredible variety of foods he gave for our pleasure, as well as, our nourishment!

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Congratulations on your first post, and welcome to the world of the blog!

Hey, alright! I look forward to tasty morsels from this blog!

Welcome to the blogosphere! :)

“12 I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; 13 also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man.” (Ecclesiastes 3)

Hooray for Terri! This is your first at blogging and my first at reading one!! Nice Job—it reminds me of “the old days” at our nutrition get togethers. God has blessd you with a gift for words and a love of nutrition!

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